Friday, August 08, 2014

The Stinging Rain of Iselle

If I am reading the noaa forcast correctly, it is about the time when the eye of Iselle is nearing the closest it will come to our Islands, around 125 miles or so to the south.  The driving, stinging rain has come, but it is intermittent.  As I write the rainfall goes from  light drizzles to hard and driving.  The sun is even peeking through at times.  

It is windy, but so far, not strong enough to cause too much concern.  But I know it could pick up.  The weather on Google has the wind at 29 mph.  It would be nice to have a wind gauge, right about now.   My "make do" wind gauge is my guava tree in the back yard.   When the branches sway wildly I think to myself, "yes, it is pretty windy".  But If the branches were to start breaking off and flying away it will put me on high winds alert.

So far my Guava tree has weathered the storm.

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